If it is not possible to maintain safe pedestrian access on the footway, consider whether there are other safe alternatives.
This could mean, for example, closing the footway and placing a ‘Footway closed’ sign at the works and an advance
‘Footway closed ahead’ sign at a location where it is safe for people to cross the road (possibly with the use of portable
pedestrian crossing facilities). It may be necessary to provide footway ramps on either side of the road at this location.

Features & Advantages

  • Product is used as an anchor system to comply with new code of practice.
  • BS 8442:2006 identifies three wind speeds and a calculation for the Ballast required to use in these wind speeds.

Ancillary Products

Product No. 0197
Height 300mm
Length 939mm
Weight 515mm
Total weight 21 kg
Quantity / Pallet 18
Minimum run 500 pieces
Colour Top: red, white and ornage
(other colours on request)
Base Black

StrongWall Base Ballast

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